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Scenes from the old neighbourhood

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As some of the faithful readers may know, I used to live in Toronto. One of the neighbourhoods that I lived in had a wonderful theatre (only about 2 blocks from my house) that played second-run and foreign films. It was great. At a time when the big movie chains were charging about $7 or $8 admission, The Revue (and others in the chain) were charging only $4 ($2.50/film if you purchased a 10-film pass). Sure, the seats weren’t the most comfortable, the screen wasn’t enormous, the sound wasn’t deafening, but it was a great place to watch movies. And it was close to home. I could decide 15 minutes before showtime that I wanted to see a movie and still be there with plenty of time to spare. Here’s how the theatre used to look:


I recently heard that the entire chain had been closed, which was sad to hear. Just a few minutes ago I was reading a transit-centric blog and there was a post about how the marquee had collapsed (apparently due to the weight of snow and ice). What a shame. Here’s a photo of the collapsed marquee:



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March 6, 2007 at 10:38 am

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