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I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the Pudge Rodrigueq trade since last night. I don’t fully understand it (I keep waiting for the announcement that we’re getting a prospect or two in addition to Kyle Farnsworth) but, more than anything, my heart is a little sad to see Pudge go. Having watched the Tigers play so poorly through most of the 1990s and the early 2000s he provided some hope that maybe things would get better (they did) and that maybe the team could make a run for the playoffs (they did – even making it to the World Series). I knew he wouldn’t be a Tiger forever, but in no way did I expect him to be traded right now.

One of my favourite Tigers websites posted this YouTube video and I thought like sharing it here (on a personal note – the last clip in the video – the walk-off home run against Cleveland was at a game that Katie & I were at – it was AWESOME!!)


Written by The Canuck

July 31, 2008 at 11:19 am

Posted in baseball

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  1. Fox 2 is showing a Yankee game this afternoon. They are talking about how “Ivan” Rodriguez is hands down the best defensive catcher in the history of baseball. And I’m shouting at the TV, “His name is Pudge! Call him by his proper name, you NY snobs!”


    Michigander Fan

    August 2, 2008 at 5:15 pm

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