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Ten things I’d like to see in action

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1 ) My immigration paperwork approved in late November or early December so that my sweetie and I can get married when we want to get married (and not have to rush like mad to get me moved and get all the last minute preparations done).

2 ) Another Rush album and tour (with me getting to see them in concert this time)

3 ) More Neil Peart books – I just love his writing and could read it (nearly) forever.

4 ) The end of stupid, stupid, stupid cases brought before The Canadian Human Rights Commission (and the various provincial human rights commissions)

5 ) Another Tigers World Series victory – preferably about 9 in a row.

6 ) Me having very little difficulty finding a job once I’ve received my green card.

7 ) Sweetie and I having enough money to replace her furnace and air conditioner next spring.

8 ) Kwame Kilpatrick in jail (for more than one night) – no, wait, Kwame Kilpatrick coming to understand that some of his actions were wrong and why they were wrong.

9 ) I still want Kwame Kilpatrick in jail.

10 ) Happy friends and family.


Written by The Canuck

August 11, 2008 at 2:51 pm

Posted in randomness

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