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Pay cuts won’t fix sick auto industry, CAW says

According to the Canadian Auto Workers (our version of the UAW), even if every Canadian employee of Ford, GM, and Chrysler worked without pay for an entire year (yes, an entire year), those savings would only offset 11 days of losses. Furthermore, the CAW and it’s members bear absolutely no responsibility for the poor financial situation the three companies find themselves in, and those poor, beleaguered workers, who’ve already given up so much these past few years (such as agreeing to a co-pay for prescription medications) should not be asked to make any more concessions to help save the companies they work for.

The real gems, however, are found in the comments left by readers, especially a reader named “Plain Joe”. Here’s one of his many manifestos:

Plain Joe from Canada writes: Few people realize that auto worker wages are a small percentage of cost of goods sold. Those who’s first reaction to this crisis was to force bankruptcy to renegotiate union contracts (fleece the flock), are largely ignorant or are envious. Second, the media obsession, and callous posts of ultra-capitalists here on G&M which focus on the ‘greed of workers’ is a propaganda tool meant to deflect blame from corporate mismanagement, and the fraud of the financial world (most of you) to an embattled scapegoat (the humble worker). My neighbour makes $35 per hour working at Ford, doing a tough job on the line, and I support his right to earn a decent living and support his family. Long live the middle-class, long live unions, long live corporate regulations, long live european style socialism!



Written by The Canuck

November 27, 2008 at 8:18 pm

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